Monster Phonics is our whole school phonics scheme. Monster Phonics is a DfE validated child-centred phonics programme. We believe that our programme and approach to phonics gives our children the best opportunity to be successful with early reading as well as empowering our teachers with excellent subject knowledge and high-quality planning and resources. This ensures children enjoy and get the most from their phonics lessons. Our children also love the monsters, who bring phonics to life. The phonics activities are multisensory requiring reading, writing, singing and actions.

Monster Phonics uses a unique colour-coded grapheme system to promote understanding, and enables children to become more confident, independent learners. It makes learning to read and spell through phonics easier, by categorising the 44 sounds into 10 categories and each of these 10 categories are represented by a monster. Each coloured grapheme is paired with a monster character that makes the same sound to give audio-visual prompts that help children ‘see’ each sound within a word and pronounce it correctly. The child learns through the assignment of colour and the linkage of the sound. Daily lessons and a comprehensive range of resources, in the scheme, supports our teachers in delivering with consistency across each year group and in promoting a clear progression of phonic teaching and learning throughout school. To support teachers the scheme provides a wide range of resources including videos, games, songs, and activities. Colour-coded flashcards, word charts and PowerPoints make the teaching of the phoneme-grapheme correspondence, commons exception and high-frequency words far easier. These resources are used to ensure the structure is constantly seen, heard, and experienced by each child. This consistency is critical in ensuring that a complicated language is learnt in the most simplistic way.

It is extremely important that reading books closely match pupils’ phonics knowledge. Monster Phonics provides us with a structured sequential programme of decodable reading books that carefully match the letter–sound correspondences the children have learned. This means that children build confidence and fluency from the very beginning of learning to read. These reading books are aligned to the National Curriculum and meet all the Ofsted requirements. They are easy and exciting to read for children with read-along sections for parents of younger children that help bring the story to life.

If you need any further help or information about phonics or any aspect of reading please contact your child's teacher.